Award Winning Web Site Designs

Award Winning Web Site Designs

Testimonials and comments by web site visitors

Testimonial by wildlife artist Randy McGovern about a new site for his fish prints.

"Just to let you know, I think this new site is superb and thorough in all of its facets. Right off the bat, I got a big order and the customer told me IT'S THE MOST USER-FRIENDLY SITE HE'S EVER SEEN! You've certainly given me extremely high visibility in the internet marketplace."

Testimonial by wildlife artist Larry Chandler on his Labrador art and gifts web site.

"Your grasp of this type of technical knowledge is astounding. It really just blows my mind. It is great to know someone who has this kind of handle on something that is this complex, but so important in business right now."

Testimonial by Stop Foreclosure Center on our redesign + optimization of their site.

"We are extremely pleased with our #1 rankings over 3 million plus pages in Yahoo. We are in a very competitive business and the results are simply OUSTANDING! Hiring your firm to take on the difficult task of enhancing our "natural results" in the search engines was absolutely the correct decision for our company. I want to thank you for all your hard work and especially your dedication to assisting us." (Phone number available by request.)

Comments about Save The Light Inc. (Morris Island Lighthouse)

"I have NEVER seen such a professionally-done lighthouse website in my life. The information, links, photos, etc. are of the finest quality. I am an avid lighthouse fan..."

Sue in Baltimore, Maryland

"Excellent site - well organized, informative, attractive, no spelling or grammatical errors (Amazing!). I'm hoping to visit South Carolina soon to check out your lighthouses in person. Thank you for providing all this advance information for me."

Connie in Rockford, Illinois

"I am a Web Designer by trade and I found the layout to be very well done and it was very easy to navigate. I really enjoyed your web site."

Joyce in Leominster, Massachusetts

"This is my third visit to your web site. I had read about the Morris Island Lighthouse in Lighthouse Digest magazine and popped in then to obtain more information...and I got it. Your site is packed with information. My check will be in the mail soon to help save this grand, ol' structure."

Carol in Cincinnati, Ohio

"I found your web site fascinating. I hope to be able to visit Morris Island on my next visit to America."

Howard in Staffordshire, England

Comments about Windsor Hill Plantation

"...this site had what I was looking for. Much Info and Plenty of pictures that a person would want to see if looking for a new home. Now it's time for me and my wife to cruise around and go house shopping. Thanks for the great site with so much Info on the community!"

Jim in Goose Creek, South Carolina

"As a new homeowner in Windsor Hill, I find this to be a VERY informative web site! It has been helpful to learn about my neighborhood and about current events that affect my subdivision (such as annexation). I'm originally from Los Angeles, so this web site gives me an opportunity to let my relatives back home tune in and see my neighborhood. You folks have done a great job and have something to be very proud of. Keep up the good work - it really is of great benefit."

Terrie in North Charleston, South Carolina

Comments about King's Grant

(NOTE: We redesigned the original site.)

"This is superb! What an excellent and effective way to get information, maps, updates, minutes, and bulletins out to the community. This is very classy, too. Thanks for maintaining the highly professional touch, while remaining warm and friendly to the community. What an outstanding asset to Kings Grant!"

Steve in Summerville, South Carolina

"ABSOLUTELY, OUTSTANDING WEB! Super, great way to communicate and get input from residents."

Mike in Summerville, South Carolina

"The King's Grant web page(s) are really looking great. After reading all the information on King's Grant, if I didn't live here already, I believe I'd be looking at a way to move into the development. Great!!"

Lee in Summerville, South Carolina

Comment about Communities In Schools

"You have a beautiful site that is easy to navigate and well laid-out. Keep up the magnificent work. My compliments to the webmaster."

Ewa from Canada

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